An der Feder

John Davies, welchen ich auf einer Convention zum Thema „Science Fiction“ kennenlernte, suchte circa 2013/2014 nach Autoren für seine Fan-Anthologie „Blake’s Heaven“. Und ich fragte mich, warum ich es nicht versuchen solle, 5 Seiten einer Geschichte auf Englisch würde ich ja wohl hinbekommen. Gesagt, getan.

Hier ist das Werk käuflich zu erwerben; ich möchte allerdings die Warnung aussprechen, dass es wirklich eher etwas für Hardcore Blake’s 7 Fans ist.

„Obviously he couldn’t see what I was seeing. And I saw a future world, which strangely enough looked like the middle of England in the 1970s in autumn. Most of the planets had lots of quarries and power plants, as well as TV studio floors and polystyrene blocks. But it was a future world, even a bad one, and my brain mixed the things together: the unfolding story of Blake and his companions on the one side, and on the other the life of an actor and a TV production team in the Seventies – as well as the limitations they had to struggle with. So I for my part really rather enjoyed it and tried to make the most of it. In the meantime I opened another beer for my husband to ease his suffering.“